I am Dave Powell, my interests spread far and wide. I am old, losing my hair and have about me a feint smell of wd40 and used engine oil. I like to fix things, make things and do things, I love anything that works, mechanical and electronic devices have always fascinated me. I am an electronics engineer by trade but don't do much of that these days. I live in lincolnshire right next to the north sea, which is ideal for my off grid electricity generation experiments, my workshops are totally off grid and are powered by a combination of wind and solar. I am what my Father used to call "careful with my money" so most projects are done on a budget, I always prefer the make option to the buy option.  For some reason that I have never quite fathomed out I have also collected match books and matchboxes for the last 50 years. With about 15,000 now in my collection I suspect it's one of the largest collections in the country. The bike in the photo is one of my recent projects, it's a Kawasaki GPZ1100 built in to a chopped frame with an Uncle Bunt  plunger rear end. The exhausts are straight through, people generally hear me coming. My business is called Boston Bike Bits, I buy bikes, sell bikes, modify bikes and deal in parts as well. It keeps me busy and finances my ridiculous projects. Life is good.