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Barabás Attila
8 days ago

Helló. Segítségre lenne szükségem! Triumph TT600 hoz 2001 keresek csapágyat. 1-001999950-es cikszámu csapágyról lenne szó, sajnos nem találok sehol.

James P.
a month ago

Do you need help with graphic design - brochures, banners, flyers, advertisements, social media posts, logos etc?

We charge a low fixed monthly fee. Let me know if you're interested and would like to see our portfolio.

John Hewitt
5 months ago

Hi Dave. Interested in your blog about the supercharger. I have a 500 and 650 triumph sprinter and was having a think the other day about what I could use as a 350 in the vintage class when I noticed the Norton Navigator has the same bore as a Triumph pre unit 500 so thought can I build a short stroke 350 from a 500. The Norton crank is a one piece steel forging and will fit the Triumph cases without much modding. The next thought was the highest comp pistons for the 500 will only give about 7.1 comp in a 350 and I was thinking how can I get round that while still giving the valves enough clearance when my mate suggest a supercharger so we were looking along the same lines as you. He suggested the 500 as it wouldn't need to be spun as fast as the 350 so heat would be less of a problem. We are both in our 70's with 0ver 110 years of racing and tuning between us but still enjoy new ideas and learning new stuff so I shall be following your blog with interest.

7 months ago

If your interested in using any of my products let me know.

Andrew Saville
a year ago

Hi, Do you have a pair of front callipers for either a Guzzi 1100, Cali, Griso etc, or Ducati Monster, probably 700 or 900, both from around 1998-2004. I am looking for a pair of Brembos with 40mm mounting hole centres for my Sachs Roadster. The Sachs has Grimecas fitted for which you can no longer get seal kits soI wanted a pair of Brembos just in case the Grimeca seals fail at some point. I don't mind what condition, the Brembo part number is P30/34/40, I have a Brembo drawing which I can send to confirm in the unlikely event that you have a pair.
Many thanks.

a year ago

Looking good so far 👍👍👍