triumph TT600 rear sub frame replacement

Published on 17 January 2023 at 15:44

I reckon whoever owned this bike before me spent more time falling off it than riding it, so many bits broken and scuffed. One such bit was the rear sub frame, it had two of the lugs snapped off - quite important lugs as they hold the footpeg hanger, which in turn acts as a mount for the exhaust. A repair had been attempted with chemical metal or similar but it was never going to hold. I don't have tig so a weld up wasn't really the way too go, so a new item was procured. It was only about 30 quid with post and is in excellent condition so it's all good. Changing it was a doddle, just a few bolts to undo and do up, I think the whole job took less than 45 minutes. I now know it's done right, I need to order a left hand footpeg and hanger though as the bike came to me without one. If a bike has a pillion seat it will fail the mot of the pegs are missing, insecure or in any way dodgy in the inspector's opinion.



Triumph tt600 rear sub frame removed

Here's the old and new with the new one on the left. These are aluminium and very prone to breakage. Chemical metal has it's place but it's not good when it's the only thing stopping your pillion passenger's foot from getting mixed up with the rear wheel at 70 mph.

Triumph tt600 new rear sub frame
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