Triumph 955i Side Stand Switch

Published on 30 January 2023 at 17:06
triumph rs 955i side stand switch location

Just a quick update today been busy taking my old Honda Magna to bits but found the time to have a look at my RS955i and investigate why it cuts out when it goes in to gear. It's a very common and very simple problem - the side stand safety switch. The idea is that if you put the bike in gear and the stand is not up the engine cuts so you can't set off with the side stand down. If the switch is faulty it thinks the stand is down and cuts the engine when you put the bike in gear. On the Triumph the switch is closed with the stand up. The bike will start and run in neutral but will always cut out when it goes in gear. if you don't have the center stand - it was an option back in the day - then you need a paddock stand as the side stand has to be removed to change the switch. Really stupid design but there you go. To make matters worse the wire goes through the water pump housing and you can't pull the connector back through as it is too large. To save taking the pump off I cut the connector off the old switch and when I fitted the new switch I routed the cable round the outside of the pump housing. There are 3 8mm head allen bolts, they just about come out with the pump in place - you do need a long allen key to get at 2 of them. Mine were really tight. I had a spare in my parts stash which was already mounted on the bracket, which fits behind the side stand mounting bracket. It's a 15 minute job with the right tools, a dangerous nightmare if you have no way of securely holding the bike while you work on it.


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