1987 Kawasaki GPX750R

Published on 9 February 2023 at 18:56

Once again I found myself in a situation where  I set out to make some money but ended up actually spending money - I had to explain to she who must be obeyed that it will all work out splendidly in the end. She reminded me that Asda prefer cash to motorcycles and also that I had sort of promised that I had enough bikes in stock for now and that I wouldn't be buying any more. She also reminded me that I was supposed to be clearing some space in the store room rather than filling it up.

1987 Kawasaki GPX750R side view




I had advertised a job load of jumble that was getting ever bigger and hoped to make a few quid to spend on my Ford Prefect hot rod project. It was all going well until a fellow trader that I have done a fair bit of business with called me and asked if I wanted to do a deal. Simon, that is his real name, I want him named and shamed here, sent me some photos of a really nice looking Kawasaki GPX750R. It looked really clean and original and was a real bit of nostalgia for me as I could remember clearly where I saw one of these for the first time - it was at Motorcycle City in Farnborough, Hampshire. that place was a mecca for RAE apprentices, not far to go in your lunch hour and there was always plenty to look at and drool over. I ceased to be an appo in 84 but still lived in the area so often used to pop over there to see what was new and  also see what other people rode to get there.

This particular example has only done a tad over 30k miles, all backed up by previous Mot's. It's not immaculate but for it's age it's proper bang tidy. It's a non-runner, the carbs need going through and I suspect the sump is currently half full of petrol that has overflowed from said carbs and diluted the oil, which is naughty. First job will be to drain and refill, change the oil filter and then go through the carbs. Simon said he has already done them but thinks they are still leaky so a new set of needle valves is a wise investment - I have some in stock.

while going through the paperwork I found some interesting bits pertaining to it's history, one being a copy of Motorcycle Sport magazine from November of 1987, which thas the very bike that I have purchased on the front cover and a full review. There was also a page out of a calendar from the same era that also featured my bike. Cool. 



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