Ducati Multistrada 1000DS - the saga continues

Published on 18 February 2023 at 17:35
ducati multistradad ds1000 oil temperature sensor / sender
Ducati Mulristrada 1000ds air temperature senser location

Having got the new starter in it was time to check the bike - it started but didn't sound right, the exhaust was blowing big time which didn't help but there was more to it than that somehow. I said in the last update that the temp gauge wasn't working - it was just showing 3 dashes. I did some research and found that the temp sensor is fitted to the bottom right of the oil cooler, it connects straight to the instrument cluster and then the cluster talks to the ECU to set timing and injection pulses.

I went back outside to look at mine and sure enough there was no wire going to it. I found it hanging loose, I can't see that it could fall off so I guess somebody disconnected it at some time and just forgot to put it back on. It's a 1/4 inch spade connector with a rubber cover over it - the spade slides over the exposed terminal of the sensor. With that connected my display read 61 degrees, I started the bike and the reading rose as the oil temperature rose so that's another thing fixed. It seems to turn over a little better now but things are still not right in the starter department. Even with a huge car battery connected it doesn't turn over as fast as I think it should, with the correct size battery it doesn't turn over at all. It spins well enough with the plugs out and the engine seems to run well once it is started. I am suspicious of the air temp sensor - I can't tell what temp the ecu thinks it is getting as I don't have the correct cable - Ducati do not use a standard OBD2 diagnostic connector - they use a 4 pin one.

That will have to do for now, next job will be to get the diag cable and to clean up the earth cable that goes to the engine block, I think it may be a bit corroded.

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