Triumph TT600 Project Finished

Published on 8 March 2023 at 10:59

OK, I confess the title is a lie - it's not actually finished yet, it's far too cold to be in the workshop today so I am hiding indoors and thought I would write up the progress so far. I am still trying to find the elusive left rear footpeg and hanger, I have been looking for about 3 months now and still not found one. It has to have one, as it has a pillion seat it must have functioning footpegs for the passenger or it won't pass the MoT.

This bike has replacement fibre glass side fairing panels - the original abs ones were of a horrible quality and turned brittle after a few years so there are very few originals left out there now. The rear under seat panels are the originals but I had to do fairly extensive repairs, using a combination of fibre glass repair paste and plastic welding.

The front mudguard is cracked, I will be taking that off at some point and repairing it, it's not going to be too difficult and will look fine when done. 

I found a company in Germany that supplied a set of decals at a very reasonable price - they were a nightmare to fit on the compound curved panels but I got there in the end. I think they lift the whole appearance of the bike and make it look much more finished.

There are a still a very few other minor bits of tarting to be done, I fitted a new mirror and the wiring needs tidying up, various bits need a bit more cleaning and fettling.

It seems to be running a lot better now it has the new map and the tps has been reset, it's still a bit of a bitch when the temperature is below zero though. I think I might have a further play with the warm up map and see if I can get that a bit better.

it's going to be a really good bike for somebody, they were always highly regarded apart from the nasty dead spots that have now been tuned out of the equation. Handling is superb, it should be good and reliable with all the recent bits it's had fitted and work it's had done to it. Looks pretty nice too, I reckon.

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James latrobe
a year ago

Hi there I think I can help you with the rear foot peg hangar I have a spare tt600 as a back up which you can have. I was hoping to get some directions on getting the file for the remap if it’s possible. Kind regards james