Ford Prefect v8 Hot Rod - Radiator Installation.

Published on 11 March 2023 at 19:36

For the first time in ages I got some me time today and decided to spend it on my own car, rather than somebody else's. I bought a radiator and a pair of fans for it ages ago and had been wanting to get them fitted so I could get some water in it and attempt to start the engine. As the engine has a brand new cam and tappets it needs running at high tickover for 20 minutes so it needs the cooling system in good working order before it's first start. the radiator is from a Mazda 6, it's turned on it's side, which will make it more efficient, with the two massive fans providing monsoon like air flow I think it will keep the Rover V8 lump cool even on the hottest Summer's day.

Fitting it was an absolute headache as space is really tight. I didn't want to mount the rad too low as I didn't want the core being exposed to any stones being flicked up at it. It had to be low enough to miss the bonnet though so it had to be installed at a fairly steep angle - the top of it leaning in towards the engine. The lower mounts are built to satisfy the BIVA requirement to have a front crumple zone - it is 25mm square box instead of the 40 x 80 box of the frame work. The same pieces will be where the flip front pivots from - a strong piece of steel material will be fibre glassed to the flip front, that will then pivot around holes drilled in the square section. It will be plenty strong enough and it means the one piece effectively fulfills 3 roles. That appeals to my sensibilities, partly because I consider it good engineering and partly because I am extremely tight fisted.

The upper radiator stay bolts on to two conveniently located threaded holes on the cylinder head, I am quite pleased with how it has come out , it's strong, pretty light and easy to remove if needed. Rubber grommets locate the rad top and bottom too make sure the mounting lugs don't get worn away from vibration.


Filling will be courtesy of an aluminium in line filler with 15 psi cap, overflow will be to a small catch bottle that will be tucked away somewhere.

I still need to make the upper stay for the passenger side of the rad but I ran out of material and being the weekend can't get any locally. I shall get on with something else tomorrow and get the 15mm square tube I need on Monday.

Ford Prefect V8 Hot Rod Radiator Installation

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