Ford Prefect v8 Hot Rod battery holder

Published on 18 March 2023 at 16:28

With it being Saturday and having not spent much time on the hot rod of late I thought a few hours in the workshop would be nice. I have a fair old list of jobs to do so picked one I thought would probably take me all day to do, I could then cross it off and feel like I had achieved something. I had gone to my favourite steel supplier yesterday to pick up the metal I needed so I could get straight on with the job today. I cut all the bits of steel first - it's all made from 20mm square box section and 20mm angle. It's way stronger than it needs to be but as the battery will weigh about 18 kilos I figured over engineered was better than something flimsy.

It all went rather well, I had decided the battery would go between the rear axle and the petrol tank, a removable panel will hide it all when it's finished and will allow access for servicing. It's also nice and close too where the amps will be, I intend to fir a fairly beefy stereo. Massive 50mm squared cable with a 350 amp capacity will go from the battery to the starter solenoid, some fairly thick stuff will then go from there to the fuse box, noot worked out my max load yet but there won't be that much in the way of electrical kit = the stereo will have it's own distribution in the back. 20 amps is probably enough for the rest of the stuff so I will build it to handle twice that.


I have gone for an 069 battery, which will give me about 500 cold cranking amps, not that the starter can actually pull that much but it will mean the battery isn't over stretched.

I think maybe tomorrow I will run the cable for the rear lights and fuel gauge - it's not a major job but there are some rules regarding fixing of cables - they have to be secured every 300mm max and have to be neat and tidy.

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