Renault 5 Turbo Rally Car Revving and Spitting Flames

Published on 22 March 2023 at 18:46

I had gone to Malcolm's to have a look at why the Dino's temperature gauge had stopped working - the gauge itself had packed up. We also had a look at the o2 sensor and decided it would work much better if it actually existed. The upstream one was in there but the downstream was conspicuous by its absence - one is on order. That left us with not much to do so we had a look at the errant steering on the Renault 5 Turbo rally car instead. This car has a great history and was based in Portugal, it was very successful in it's day. Malc had said there was massive movement in the steering, which turned out to be the roll pin that is designed to shear in a heavy frontal impact.

Getting the column off proved to be extremely easy, as did fitting a new pin - the job only took about 1 hour from start to finish, half of that was a tea break.Then Malc mentioned that the ignition light wasn't working and could I have a look at it - I did have a look at it -- he was right, it wasn't working. I was hoping that he only wanted me to confirm that it wasn't working, but no, he wanted me to fix the bloody thing. Deep joy. Getting in and out of this thing is a challenge for a young man, for an old git like me it's nigh on impossible. I did get in there though and I did get the dash out and I did find there was no live feed to the light, which may explain why it didn't come on. I need to go tomorrow and take my voltage probe. I didn't wire this one, it's an absolute mess, nothing is marked, wire colours change repeatedly where somebody has used whatever they could lay their hands on at the time.

We had to spark it up to see if the alternator was charging - it's got the smallest one I have ever seen, it's smaller than most motorcycle ones. I had asked Malc to just fire it up but he never does anything by half, I now have this ringing in my ears and can hear little else.

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