Ford Prefect Hot Rod bits and Pieces

Published on 31 March 2023 at 16:53
Ford prefect hot rod with mini van rear ights

I decided I couldn't be bothered to work today so I sent a few hours in the workshop doing a few bits and pieces - nothing major, more pottering about than  anything. Last weekend I was wandering a car boot and I  saw a pair of rear lights that I thought would look perfect on the prefect - I think the guy asked 15 quid or something, I didn't haggle, I had been looking for something for ages and hadn't found anything I liked. The car originally had separate units for rear and indicators, I liked the fact these are all in one. I had to make pedestals for them as the rear wheel arches are a compound curve - I got some 1mm thick steel to do the job. I have to say I found it very difficult, holes had to be cut in the wings and then the new pieces had to be let in and welded in place, some p38 body filer helped tidy things up a bit.

not finished yet but I am quite pleased, they look how I wanted them to and meet the requirements nicely. They are genuine Lucas items and are e marked, I will also have to fit a rear fog light and a reverse light but I will worry about that later.


I have decided to go for an electric fuel pump rather than the mechanical one currently fitted, which is driven from the engine. I have heard these can be a mare to reprime if you run out of fuel and when they do run they pump too much fuel, which then has to be returned to the tank, which requires another pipe going back from the engine. So instead I am having a small low pressure pump near the tank that will push the fuel to the two SU carbs atop the Rover V8 lump. Another advantage is that the circuit feeding it can be linked in to the immobiliser, you can't do that with a mechanical pump. I routed a wire in for it when I was messing about with electrical connections the other day.

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