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Published on 8 June 2023 at 18:34

Rather annoyingly Noddy the Mini is now Tall Noddy the Mini as I have had no choice but to put the suspension back to normal ride height. The road down to our house is in such poor state of disrepair that I could only drive as far as our neighbour's house before the car would bottom out in a nasty dip that has been there for some time. I doubt the council will fix it any time soon, their usual repairs last less than a year anyway so action had to be taken. I am well gutted because it looked much meaner and probably handled better as it was but  I guess I will have to leave it as it is until I go live somewhere where at east some of the taxes raised from the motorist actually get spent on the roads. I don't know if such a place exists but I can dream.


I am hoping it will  settle a wee bit over the next few days, if it drops half an inch I will feel a bit happier.

The next thing concerns the stereo - mine was wired up wrong and not very well fitted so I thought I should attend to that, this is where I did a blokey thing, decided reading the manual was a waste of time and although I skim read it, I didn't read the bit I should have done. It's a bit like reading the bit on the back of a fairy liquid bottle that says something about eyes, then getting back from the eye hospital, reading it properly and see it says do not put in eyes. In the case of the Sony manual it says connect the yellow to permanent live and the red to a switched live - ie the exact opposite of what I had assumed. The  result of this act of stupidity was that it would come on with the ignition but every time I turned the ignition off it would lose all it's settings. It's a pig to get to as lots of bits have to come off before you can even get to the back of the horrible thing. I got there in the end though and it's all good now, just have to get the phone synced to it so I can have Spotify. I also need to do a bit of a fix for a bit of the Chinese fascia that broke off. It's made of Chinesium , which looks like  ABS plastic but is much more brittle. Combine that with my frustration and  shortness of time because I had to take Mrs  to the dentist and it all got rather fraught with some Olympic standard swearing happening at ever increasing volume.

Anyway - I have calmed down a bit now and had a look to see what else needs doing, I noticed with shock and a small amount of horror that at some time somebody has removed the rear wash / wipe. This is inconvenient. I live a mile down a farm track and the farmers do like to put mud on to the road surface with monotonous regularity. A rear wash / wipe is therefore rather useful. I got a good used motor for 20 quid and a new arm and blade for under a tenner so that will be reinstated. I notice on an old MoT though that the washer wasn't working  so I need to investigate that at the same time.

While I  am in that area I also need to have a look at why the aerial doesn't work. I hope some day soon I can stop working on it and actually drive it. Won't that be nice?

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