Living with a Mini R56 John Cooper Works Part 3

Published on 18 June 2023 at 08:48

There is a serious amount of humble pie to be eaten in today's update, I am having a very bad week diagnosis wise. The cable that had got chewed up turned out to be a speed sensor cable and not the abs one, I would have spotted this if I had bothered to get the wheel off and have a proper look. The abs sensor I bought is therefore useless, I have ordered a new wear sensor. I hate the BMW solution as once the wear sensor has been triggered you have to replace it. They are very cheap but it's just a pain.

The noise that I thought was a rear brake issue turned out to be at the front rather than the back and was just the dust shield rubbing on the edge of the disc. A quick prod sorted that at no cost, that was a big relief.

My third mis-diagnosis was also down to a combination of laziness and stupidity, once again I proved that to assume makes an ass out of u and me. I had cleared the lambda code but it came back a little later, or so I thought. What has actually happened now is a CCID 031, which in English is an evap circuit leak, almost certainly caused by a perished o ring in the fuel tank. The tank is supposed to be slightly pressurised but it's not holding due to the o ring being more rotten than Jonny. It is really common, as I have since discovered. A new one was procured from ebay at well under a fiver, that fault has now gone, however the lambda fault has come back. Deep joy.

The air conditioning woes are my biggest headache, a new compressor is 300 quid, I can't even find the hose and the labour is 300 plus Vat. This means that I would be looking at about 800 quid to get the job done. Mrs would kill me. My plan is to get a used compressor - 30 quid will do that, get a used hose, another 20 quid and do the job myself as far as I can. My only  challenge is to somehow get something to pressurise the system with before I put it all back together again. It's 4 hours work, I don't fancy having to do it twice. Obviously the car can be driven without ac but I really like to have it, not just to  keep cool in summer but to keep the windows clear in the winter. I'll work it out.

I have now reinstated the bonnet stripes - it's just to hide the marks from where the stripes used to be. I have gone for wider ones and I have angled them do they follow the lines of the bonnet bulge better, I think they look ok, certainly better than the ugly marks that were there before.


I am glad to report that the suspension has settled a bit so while the car does not look quite as good as it did when we got it it's not as high as it was and it can be driven over the bump by our neighbours if I go slowly and right over to the left of the road. I reported what had happened on Fix My Street and the report got sent to Lincolnshire County Council who are supposed to look after the road in our area. I sent photos and showed all the gouges where various vehicles had made contact with the road but they have, in their questionable wisdom, decided that no action needs too be taken. Obviously whoever decided that has never had to drive down that road, I shall be taking that further and will be sending them the bill.


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