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Published on 26 June 2023 at 13:35

I had a bit of a milestone today in Fast Noddy the JCW, I went out and came back without a single engine management light popping up - that's a first, LOL. The evap problem seems to be down to a badly decayed o ring on the petrol cap. The EVAP system puts a very small amount of pressure in to the tank - about 0.5 psi, it then monitors it to see if it drops, if it does it assumes there is a leak. There are a few components to the system and a few common points of failure - ie the fuel cap, the DMTL pump that creates and monitors the pressure, the carbon canister that absorbs fumes, the seals on the tank itself and the pipes that join all the bits together. The valve cover on the engine can crack and leak too, mine has been replaced so I guess somebody has already looked at this in the past. The car had thrown up a code, the diag box was showing ccid 031. It has gone away since I replaced the o ring, which cost less than a fiver so that's all good. I was still getting a p036 code though and that relates to the downstream o2 sensor heater circuit.

The exhaust is fitted with a spacer, it's a decat, the spacer is supposed to stop false triggers for excessive o2 measurements but the heater circuit is a whole different thing. It's a pretty specific code and you can't really confuse it with anything else - it's either a faulty sensor or faulty wiring. At the moment it looks like faulty wiring because I moved it about yesterday as it looked like it was rubbing. I reset the code and it hasn't come back yet. I have a new sensor on order anyway but I think I have found my problem. I have reset it in the past a few times but it has never stayed off this long before, I will let you know if it stays off. Just for reference it's the two white wires that are the heater wires, the ecu measures the current flowing and expects to see the current a few seconds after switch on. If it doesn't see that it reports the heater circuit as faulty and goes in to closed loop. It doesn't seem to affect the performance or fuel consumption much but apparently it will fail it's mot like that.

I have done lots of other little bits, the ac still needs fixing and now I have a wheel bearing singing it's little heart out every time I get over 20. It shuts up if I go round a right hander but that's not much help really. A new hub is only 40 quid and I reckon I can fit it in an hour or 2 if I can use one of Malc's ramps. One has the Lotus Cortina on at the moment and I don't think he's in a hurry for that so I may get to that this week.

the fog lights need changing, will do that when the bumper is off for the a/c fixing, I also need to fix the bumper from where it suffered the rogering it got from Lincolnshire council's sub standard roads.


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