V8 Hot Rod - Bit more progress

Published on 30 October 2023 at 08:42

Since putting the engine back in and sorting out the floppy chassis I haven't had much time to do things and a number of small jobs needed attention. There were lots of niggly little things that needed to be done - none of which would really be noticed or would look like much progress, but they all had too be ddone before moving on to bigger stuff. First job was to fit an overflow pipe to the brake master cylinder reservoir, a 5 minute job that turned in to a bigger job because the pipe kept kinking. Fortunately I found a spring that fitted over the pipe and got around that one. Next job was to make an engine earth lead, another very simple job, no dramas with this one. I kept it as short as possible to make sure the starter gets the maximum amount of current. I remembered that I hadn't greased up the gear change mechanism, so I did that, it feels much better now and seems to select all gears effortlessly. As the next major job is the wiring I rechecked all the wires going to the back and started planning my wire runs to the front, I need to sit down and make sure I have a list of every single wire needed before I commit to that, I will need to buy some extra colours. While doing that I noticed I hadn't fitted an earth lead to the air horn compressor s I did that while I was at it.

I have a minor problem to sort in that the positive terminal on the starter solenoid has to be covered and  despite having bought 2 already, I still don't have one that fits properly and it is an IVA test item. I would not want to use the car without one fitted anyway as there is no fuse in the starter supply so a short would be catastrophic. I will have to trawl the car builder web sites and see what I can find. While I am purchasing stuff I need some more 3/4 inch square box steel to build the rest of the trans tunnel / dash structure. I temporarily fitted the heater so I can see where the frame around it needs to be.

Once the wiring is done I will sort the exhaust, the car will then be moveable under it's own power, it's then a massive amount of work to get the bodywork all sorted. I was looking at it yesterday and think I may weld up the back doors, I don't really need them to open, it will be a 2 seater and it should give the body a lot more rigidity. It will give the car cleaner lines too and also reduce the interior and exterior projections to keep the IVA tester happy. I have plenty of time to think about that before committing to anything.

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