Busy day in the Motorcycle Workshop

Published on 23 January 2024 at 17:14

This is what I originally came up with but when I put it on the bike and compared it with an original one it didn't look right s I had to trim it a bit.

Nothing like what I intended but a quick trim had it a bit more like it.

With the wind blowing a hooley all day it has been a full day of action in the workshop, the windmill has been putting out between 8 and 15 amps all day so even with the welder set to max the voltage has been good and the batteries have stayed charged . I took full advantage by cleaning up the steel bits for the paddock starter frame, finishing the chain guard for the Stelvio and doing a few more bits on the Triumph drag bike.

I had enough juice to weld the paddock starter frame together and weld on two end caps on one of the rollers, I ran out of time to do the other one, but I am still very pleased with today's progress. I think it's going to work really well, I have thought of a couple of improvements as I have been going along.

I hope to have it finished tomorrow or by the end of the week at the latest, once it's done I can have a go at firing up the Triumph. A lot depends on how my car MoT retest goes tomorrow, I have been without the car for 2 weeks now and it's getting annoying. I have done a ton of work including fitting a new catalyst, two new brake calipers, 2 new brake discs, adjusted the handbrake, repaired two bulb holders, repaired the sub frame, replaced a door handle, adjusted the headlights, replaced the leaky washer bottle, put on a new front number plate and painted the underside to try and stop it corroding again. I will be both shocked and horrified if it doesn't pass this time, everything has been checked and double checked. It has been literally days of work, which is annoying as I bought the car thinking it wouldn't need much, I have to say Minis are built down to a weight and quality suffers for it. It doesn't help that there are a lot of cheap parts available, which means older cars have most likely had those cheaper parts fitted and reliability is the victim. It is still incredibly good fun to drive though with 230 BHP and 321 NM torque from it's tuned 1600 turbo charged motor.

Anyway, the chain guard for the Stelvio just needs paint and fitting, it was far too damp today to paint. The Triumph just needs some fuel pipe, which I forgot to buy yesterday - Doooohhh. There is a bit of wiring to do on the Stelvio too, I will get that done and then put it in to storage, with a few of the other bikes, I need the space.


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