Maserati 50cc Race Bike Restoration - Paintwork etc

Published on 20 February 2024 at 16:38

Following the successful test start I thought it best to carry on with my little Maserati and go back to some of my other projects later. There was quite a bit to do, all the control cables needed making up, that's a job I am not too keen on so I thought I would get it out of the way first.


In all there were 5 cables needed- throttle, clutch, brake and two for the gear change. I had no specs available or anything to copy so it was a matter of winging it and measuring before cutting. It all went quite well although I had to have 2 goes at the clutch cable, I made the inner about 8mm too long on the first attempt so had to redo it.

Next job was to fill the gearbox with oil, I had lubed everything generously before assembly but hadn't got to fill the box until now, needless to say that caused a problem. The clutch was now slipping so I had to drain the oil back off, remove the engine side panel and adjust it so it would work when wet. I had plenty of adjustment on the springs, I am confident it will now be fine. I put it all back together and refilled it, it will be tested properly when I get to ride it but it feels ok and engages and disengages well.

Next job was to fit the two fuel taps, the bike has one each side as the tank design is such that you need a take off each side to get all the fuel out. Effectively one is used as the main and the other as reserve. Quite a simple job, I had the two original taps so I used them, they look good and add to the originality.


The tank needed quite a bit of attention, it has been modified for racing. The SS models came out of the factory with 6 metal loops welded on to the tank, these were to secure two foam pads that added to rider comfort while in the face on he tank prone position. Whoever modified mine back in the day went one step further and bashed the top of the tank down s that the filler was below the level of the top of the tank. Every tiny advantage was needed on the little 50's so things like this were common place. I had thought about trying to bring it back to original but it is a big part of the bike's story so I just tidied it up a bit and left it as a feature. It ties in with all the lightening that has gone on so I think it's right to restore as it was when last raced.

I need to make some race number thingymebobs - I have no idea what they are called - the round plates that go each side and at the front of the bike to show the rider's number. I have some thin ally that would be the right stuff to use.

I have found a rather nice exhaust that looks period correct, the only one I have would let the bike down rather badly. I will get that ordered and fitted before the next thrilling instalment.


I have done a video, which can be found here -

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