Jaguar XF 3.0d Project part 2

Published on 29 February 2024 at 12:24

Well I had hoped to get a lot more done today but about the only thing I got to do was the fuel level sender. At some point yesterday the car decided it had no fuel on it, 5 minutes earlier it was showing nearly half a tank. This is a really common and well documented problem, it's to do with a connector inside the tank. To access i you have to remove the lower part of the rear seat, peel back the carpet and remove a large rubber blanking disc in the floor of the car, you then have access to the pump, the wiring and the two fuel lines. You remove the fuel lines and plug then there is a securing ring that you have to tap round with a hammer to release the fuel pump. You can then see a small 2 way black plastic plug, this is the culprit. I just had to reseat mine, some people have had to replace theirs. With that done all I had to do was check for leaks then put everything back in reverse order. It doesn't take long but getting enough light so you can see what you are doing can be tricky.

I was going to tackle the reversing camera but the rain put paid to that little plan. A cam belt kit is on order, I have decided to leave that job to the local garage as they have the tools and it is an absolute pain to do with a ton of stuff having to be removed and replaced just to get at the horrible thing. Labour will be 300 quid, a lot of money but it is a lot of work.

The alternator is still under charging, I am going too have to bite the bullet and get a new one. Another pig of a job so I will most likely get that done at the same time as the cam belt.

i have another job to add to the list - disabling the keyless entry. The local police put out a rather timely warning yesterday that several cars have been stolen recently by key relay theft - where the criminals read your key at distance and then copy it to get in the car and drive away. They are targeting much higher value vehicles but I don't want to take that risk and pressing a little button is not exactly inconvenient. Fortunately Jaguar built in a way of turning it off, which will make the car much more secure. I had a motorcycle stolen last year and the police could not have cared less, I want to keep this one so disablement is essential.

The brake pad low warning that went away all by itself has come back again today so that's another thing that needs revisiting. Oh well, nobody said it would be easy. 

Bit of a ps, it stopped raining so I went back to the car and had another look at the BMS issue, I think I might have a fix for that. There is a white wire that comes out of the control module on the side of the car near the battery. This wire goes to the BMS module but it also seems to go up the flexible cable that goes to the boot lid. Earlier I had seen a post from a guy on a forum that said he had fixed his BMS error by  replacing that  cable but that did no make sense to me at the time, it does now. Another guy on youtube had posted  a video to show how to bypass the boot lid cable and connect the BMS direct to the control box, thereby bypassing the  cable that is known to cause all sorts of problems. I shall have a look when it stops raining and report back with my findings. 

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