Jaguar XF 3.0d Project part 4

Published on 6 March 2024 at 09:13

It's amazing where some people hide their wealth - nearly 1 pound 20 in change under the sub woofer.

More submarine than subwoofeer, it looks like the speaker may have been completely under water at some point. It's weird that the cap that should live over the voice coil was nowhere to be found. I suspect somebody has had a look in there before. It is beyond saving.

OK, I admit it, I have bottled out. I was going to do the cam belt myself, I have the belt and a new tensioner but I don't have the locking tool needed and having watched a few videos it's a hell of a big job. I got some quotes and everybody was quoting about 6 hours to do the job, if you have all the right service tools. I figured that somebody that has done it before and has 2 people on the job will be able to do it in far less time than I could and there would be far less chance of something going wrong. To cut a long story short it is booked in for tomorrow, labour cost will be 300 quid, which I think is ok for the amount of work to be done. The garage is only 1/2 a mile away, I have used them many times before, they know what they are doing. The MoT is booked for Friday, the car will the be my daily driver.

There were a couple of small jobs to do in the mean time, the first of which was to give all the leather a good feed. It was in amazing condition but I like to keep it that way so gave it all a good dose of Buffalo leather feed - my favourite as it leaves the car smelling of new leather.

Next job was to investigate the rattling noise and lack of bass from the boot mounted subwoofer. I could see that there was stuff under it but the only way to get at it was to remove the tool tray and spare wheel and get the massive plastic sub enclosure out. It looked like a rubbish tip in there - a £1 coin, 19 1p pieces, 15 screwdriver bits, a spare parking sensor, a pair of scissors and various other bits of paper and card etc. I have had nearly a fiver in change out of this thing now, if it carries on at this rate it will have paid for itself by 2086. Anyway, that looked like why the thing was rattling so badly, I then inspected the speaker drive unit and saw that the diaphragm had broken away from the voice coil. this means that instead of the cone moving in and out like it should only the very center part of it was doing anything. It can't be fixed reliably so it has to be replaced, fortunately they are not dear, I ended up paying 34 quid for one including postage. Fitting it is a 5 minute job, hopefully it will be here by the weekend. The system is by Bowers and Wilkin, who are well known for their top end speakers with a pair of their top end Nautilus model selling for about 45 grand. Not claiming that the Jag system is their best work but it was a 1300 quid option in the lower models, it was standard in the portfolio ones such as mine. Even with the knackered sub it sounded really good, I can't wait to hear it when it's all fixed.

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