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Published on 16 May 2024 at 16:50

I haven't posted much recently, it has been very busy and many things have gone wrong around the house and workshop that have stopped me from making much progress on any of my projects. The Prefect hot rod has stalled, partly due to a lack of spare cash and partly because I couldn't work out how to do the exhaust.

The Ultima 100 didn't want to run, the weather has been appalling, the Jag blew up and both the van and Noddy the noisy Mini decided their starter motors needed to die. The one in the mini was the easier of the two but the first one made a hideous screeching noise, the second one works fine. Sadly it then decided to goo in to restricted performance mode every time I gave it some boot. It's a weird arrangement on these, there is a vacuum pump that supplies a solenoid operated valve that opens the waste gate, the car was reporting a failure in that area. I couldn't see it at first then saw that one of the pipes was broken, I didn't see it at first as it had that protective covering over it, I suspect it had been leaking for a while. It cost nothing to fix but was a pain to find.

The van is still being naughty, the starter is now fine, I got a nearly new Bosch one incredibly cheap and it's perfect. What is less than perfect is that it is now telling me there is a problem with the egr cooler, which means the whole front end has to come back off. Again.

I have had no choice but to strip the Jag XF, there was no chance of getting a replacement engine at anything like a justifiable price. Mrs isn't happy that we now have a half stripped car on the drive but I just couldn't see an alternative. I hope to get at least some of my money back as I still want to replace the mini, noisy Noddy is simply too noisy.

I still haven't had a weather window to allow me too give the drag bike a proper test, I hope to rectify that soon. I won't be taking on any more projects until I get rid of at least a couple, I will be putting the Moto Morini up for sale first I think. A job I must get to is to finish the registration of the Ultima, I have a dating certificate and a NOVA number for it so it shouldn't be a big deal.

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