Ford Prefect Hot Rod Project Intro.

Published on 10 January 2023 at 13:34
Barn find Ford prefect project car

This is my Ford Prefect project, this photo was taken before I purchased it. It was owned by a customer of mine, he had come round to buy some motorcycle parts and told me he had a project available. I assumed it was a bike as that's my business but it turned out to be the rather sorry looking thing you see here. Naturally I told him I wasn't interested, that my Wife would kill me and that I didn't have the room or the time for such a project. Naturally, I bought it and then had to work out how to get it home. Clearing the workshop was the easy part, getting it from Coningsby to Fishtoft was a bit more tricky. My mate Jonathan organised somebody but sadly he went down with Covid so an alternative had to be found. A chap with a flat bed thingy dropped it off and 4 of ous lifted it in to the workshop, there really wasn't very much of it but the 70 year old Ford steel was in remarkably good condition. I should say at this point that I have had the car for about 4 months now but have only just started this blog so there will be a lot of catch up in precis form. It may also take me a while to come to terms with this blogging stuff - I'm old, you know :-) 

Anyways, first job was to decide what I wanted it to be and what I would need to buy to turn it in to my vision. It was obvious that a lot of chassis work would be required as it had been chopped about and bodged about before. It came with a rear axle from a Volvo 244, it had been shortened but was lacking any brackets to mount it. There was no front suspension, engine or gearbox, no interior, no front wheels and some very old and distressed rear wheels shod with perished tyres. I decided fairly early that i  would have a Rover v8 engine and gearbox, Triumph front suspension, the Volvo axle and everything else was to be decided as I went along. I got lucky on the engine - I found one for sale on marketplace for a mere 150 quid - it was 160 miles away but I just knew it was the one, it came with carbs and a seized starter motor but it turned freely. I knew it would need work but thought the carbs and manifold were worth that so I had nothing to lose. In the van it went and home it came.


barn find rover v8 3500 engine with carbs

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