Remapping a Triumph TT600 Motorcycle.

Published on 13 January 2023 at 12:53
Remapping a triumph tt600 using TuneECU software
Cooenting to a triumph tt600 motorcycle for diagnostics obd2

I finally got the diagnostics for my TT600 working today - I had bought a diag cable off ebay but could not get my pc to load the correct USB driver for it. The seller sent me a replacement and it worked but I still could not get the software itself to load. A google search led me to a site that had an old version of TuneECU, which downloaded and installed fine so I could at last look at what the bike was doing and put some new parameters in to the ECU.


The software is great, it allows you to inspect the values off all the sensors, set the red line, set the fan switch on point and fine tune the ecu to remove the flat spots these bikes are well known for - great engines crap mapping.

It confirmed that all the sensor levels were credible, that the tickover was correct and that no codes were stored, it was displaying everything in real time so I had no excuses left. I saved the map that was on there, it was not standards, somebody had been in there before. I double checked that it was stored on my pc then downloaded the map I had found on line to the bike's ecu. It only took a couple of minutes and a pop up confirmed it was done and ready to try. 

She fired up at the first prod and sounded much more lively then before - there was virtually no smoke at all so I felt pretty confident that things were improved. I let her heat up to 96 degrees and sure enough the cooling fan cut in - it was set to 106 originaly, which I felt was too high.

I now need to let her cool right down and see if the cold starting is improved - it will always start eventually but can be a right bitch at below 10 degrees. Watch this space for updates, you may also like to see the attached video, be sure to like and subscribe to my youtube channel to get alerts on any updates.


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