I have decided ECU remapping is not fun

Published on 13 January 2023 at 17:55

So what I have learnt today is that remapping requires patience - I am not a patient sort of person, something that became very obvious while attempting to remap the Sagem ECU on my 2002 Triumpph TT600 motorbike. When you set up the fuel mapping in a modern ecu you set up sort of like a base map and then have to set other maps to affect the base map if that makes sense. So lets say you have defined the air fuel mixture at 0 per cent throttle opening, you then have to set up a smaller map to influence the a/f ratio at low temperatures - like having a choke on a carbed engine. Trouble with that is that to set the fuelling at 4 degrees and test it you need it to be at 4 degrees engine temp. So every time you tweak it you have to let it cool again. It's easy enough doing the settings at full operating temp as when the bike reaches that it stays there as long as you keep it running but doing the low temperature stuff is a pain. I think I am about there now but also think I have detected a problem with the throttle position sensor, which currently measures 62 per cent at wide open throttle. It doesn't make a lot of difference on a static test but I suspect it will be horrible under load. Further tests will happen tomorrow when I have some daylight on the matter.


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