Plastic welding Motorcycle Panels

Published on 16 January 2023 at 17:11

A few of the panels on the TT600 need attention. Well, to be truthful, they all do but some are worse then others. The front fairing and the two large side fairings need some filling, shaping and painting, the rear panels are broken and need more affirmative action. I thought I would have a go at plastic welding - I had bought a kit some time back. The kit has an electric gun type thing, you put these small shaped metal wire pieces in to it, pull the trigger and the wires get heated up in seconds. You then press them in to the plastic to give you a really strong, reinforced join to any cracks or breaks. My idea is to use these to give me a strong foundation, I will then fibre glass the rear of the panel and then finish the visible side as normal.

i didn't get very far as my fibre glass reinforced repair paste has gone off but I did get the panel surprisingly stable with just the heated wires. Somebody had had a go before with just fibre glass but it was less than successful. I chipped most of it off but the remainder seemed to be holding some smaller fragments in place so I will just reglass over that bit.

I am intending to finish the bike in the yellow an black colour scheme, it's just too black if it's all black. I'm bored of black.


A motorcycle side panel that has been plastic welded

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