Honda Magna V45 1983 Breaking

Published on 16 January 2023 at 17:17
Partly stripped 1983 Hoonda Magna V45

Before Christmas I bought a 1983 Honda v45 Magna rc07e, my intention was to do it up and sell it on as a complete bike. It had a few things missing including the radiator and associated bits and bobs but it looked ok apart from that. However, once I got in to the engine it quickly turned out that all was not well and a piston had got all intimate like with a valve and snapped it off. I got a new head but when I inspected the cam chain was not happy that it looked chewed and needed replacing. That's not something you can do without a complete strip down and it's hard to justify the time and effort for such a low priced bike. Add on the 3 or 4 hundred quids worth of other bits it needs and sadly the only sensible thing to do is break it. So of anybody needs any bits I have most things available at sensible prices.


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