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Published on 24 January 2023 at 09:49
Rear suspension on Fiona Legatte's BTCC car



The other day I was helping my mate out with some wiring and he had his daughter's BTCC car up on the lift. I had never seen one of these cars from that angle so was intrigued to see how the suspension was set up - I have to say it was weird and complicated at the same time, the way it was welded together was nothing short of art. The car was campaigned back in the early to mid noughties , it was the first to run on ethanol and Fiona is one of only 5 women to have raced in BTCC. She raced for 2 1/2 seasons with a best of 5th at Silverstone, I think it's fair to say if she had the budget of other teams she would have had much more success. Her Father - Malcolm Legatte raced minis back in the 60's so I guess it was in her blood. Anyway, I digress, I had expected to see massive springs but instead I saw springs that I guess are about 150lb ones sitting on adjustable coil overs. What looks like the anti roll bar was adjustable and had bolts along it's full length. I don't know it was actually a torsion bar or what it was but it was a very impressive looking thing. The rear had a beautifully made frame that appeared to give massive strength in all directions but being of an open frame construction must have been very light. I don't have the faintest idea about the science behind it all but from an engineering perspective it is very intriguing. I read somewhere that they are double wishbone all round now, I have not been able to establish if that is true or not. Anybody know?



Adjustable anti roll bar on Fiona Legatte's BTCC car

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