Headstock Motorcycle Lift

Published on 24 January 2023 at 10:24
motorcycle headstock lift with yamaha thundercat
headstock lift located correctly in headstock

I had to do he fork oil seals on the Thundercat and decided it was about time to look at better ways of getting the front in the air without risking life and limb. Last time I had to do them on a bike without a center stand the job nearly ended in disaster. It was only my super human strength and some olympic standard acrobatics that enabled me to get out unscathed. This time I decided that I would invest in  something a bit more reliable than a rear paddock stand and a jack under the headers. I like the Abba stands but they are well expensive and you need loads of different adapters when you deal with a different bike every day. 

The challenge is that if you want to get the front wheel and forks off your options are limited as to where you can lift the bike from. I have used a car engine lift in the past but that is really heavy and awkward so I wanted something better. what I decided on was a headstock lift - it has a set of pegs of various sizes that go in to the middle of the triple tree centre spindle.The lift is hinged in the middle in such a way that when you lift the bike it locks and lifts the bike effortlessly. I found that the spindle on the Thundercat was bigger than any of the adapters supplied - it's vital that it is a good fit. i used a the smallest adapter and a 13mm deep 3/8 socket which was a perfect fit.

It did the job perfectly, was very easy to use and held the bike in a very stable condition while I did what I needed to do. i removed the fairing to make life easier butt think I may have just about been able to do it without. It had cost less than 60 quid delivered and is really quite heavily made and very good value for money. Highly recommended.

yamaha thundercat on headstock lift ready for fork seal replacement

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