Triumph RS955I part two

Published on 26 January 2023 at 16:11
Triumph RS 955i with taank removed

I moved some stuff around in the workshops so I could get the troublesome Triumph off the van and have a proper look. I had got it started but it was not running well and the engine management light was on. I had tried connecting my TuneECU diag box to it but could not communicate with the ECU. Fortunately I still had the ECU from my bike that I broke last Summer - I knew it was a good one. I took the tank off to have a quick look around, it all looked ok albeit very grubby - a lot of spiders had some sort of commune in there, I don't think any humans had been there for some time, if they had they certainly hadn't taken any cleaning products with them.

Anywayz, I swapped the Ecu's over and tried to connect - this time I could talk to the ECU so I connected up he vacuum pipe that comes from the airbox and fired the bike up so I could see what codes it had stored. there were 2 - one for the cooling fan being open circuit and one for the lambda sensor heater resistance implausible. the codes, for anybody interested were p1552 for the fan and p0135 for the oxygen sensor. 

The fan was the easiest one to sort - somebody had unplugged it for some reason that is not clear to me. Plugging it back in did 2 things - 1st it cleared the code and secondly it made the fan work a whole lot better. It's a miracle. The O2 sensor wasn't turning the MIL light on but it kept coming back within a few seconds of the code being cleared. I suspect a new sensor will be required, I will look at that when the engine has cooled down a bit.

The bike seems to be running quite well now despite the oxygen sensor, the biggest problem I am going to have though is with the plastics. The fairing that came with it is an ST one, I think, it's definitely not an RS one and does not match the RS side panels. The panels I do have are in a terrible state - they could be repaired but at a cost in terms of time. The upper fairings are pretty much unobtainable - the only one I have found so far is priced at a rather optimistic 430 quid. You can't justify that on a bike that's not going to break any price records. I am going to Normous Newark Autojumble at the weekend so will see what I can find - I might get lucky.

The rest of the bike looks pretty good under the muck, all the sensors read good apart from the o2 one, they often fail due to the harsh environment the operate in.




Triumph RS955i air box

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