Triumph RS955i o2 Sensor p0135 Error

Published on 27 January 2023 at 10:51

Just a very quick update on the naughty triumph 955 - I looked further in to the o2 sensor error and quickly found the reason for it was that there isn't one fitted. The actual error suggests the heater circuit was malfunctioning, well yeah, it would be if it wasn't there. The exhaust is an after market system and there is no port in the down pipes to accommodate a sensor. Fortunately you can get little bypass units that plug in to the loom where the lambda usually goes and it stops the error being generated. It also stops the bike running lean in the mid range, which is a bonus. You shouldn't do it though as it also raises the emissions a bit just before the bike hits the cam. As it does not turn on the mil light - or engine management light - I suspect most people just ignore it. For the sake of research I will buy a bypass and see what difference it makes.

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