Triumph RS955I update

Published on 2 February 2023 at 18:16

This thing is rapidly turning in to a career rather than a project. Although it's running quite well now it is running very very rich at high throttle openings - it's pouring out black smoke and spitting and generally being very naughty. I have changed the ecu and haven't resynced the throttle bodies yet so that may well be at least a contributory factor. I have a different map to load to it as well, which may help matters. there is a possibility that at least one injector is leaky too. I need to fit the o2 bypass first and then take things from there - I shall get the tuneECU on it and have a look see what is going on. I did find one person had a similar problem and found the coolant and air temp sensors had got mixed up - I shall check that in the morning. For reference the air temp sensor should have pink/black and pink/orange wires, whereas the coolant temp is pink/black and pink/green.

The brake caliper seals arrived today, they fitted nicely, I now have oil tight, pressure tight, nicely moving pistons and new pads in place - not bled it yet as I ran out of daylight.

I am still trying to find panels for it, no luck yet but I have a couple of leads to follow up. i still think it's worth doing as it will be a nice bike when done. It will need some tidying, which I do not intend to do. My current plan is to get it running really well and get an MoT on it, the rest can be done by the next owner.


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