Triumph Sprint rs955i Tuning Update

Published on 6 February 2023 at 19:25

So, if you have been following the progress on the 955i you will know that I had to replace the ecu, fix a leaky air pipe, fir a lambda bypass, sort out the cooling fan, remap and reset the throttle position sensor. The bike was running badly but the only thing setting a fault code was the fan being disconnected - the lambda missing did not set a code but did raise a error on diagnostics. With all that done the bike is now running like an absolute dream. Tickover is way smoother, the revs rise and fall very crisply, the mid range hesitation is completely gone. For those of you that fancy giving remapping a go I have loaded the 10078 map from the TuneECU web site, there are others on there but I had heard good things about this particular map so that's what I went for. the old windows version of TuneECU is free the android version is about 25 quid for up to 5 bikes - over that and you need the pro edition, which costs a lot more. The maps are free, it's well worth having a dabble as the original map is rather odd with quite big transitions, allegedly done to get emissions down.

anyway, just the bodywork to sort out now, then it will be ready for sale.


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