Work on the Rover v8 Powered Hot Rod

Published on 7 February 2023 at 17:50

Been very busy working on motorbikes recently - the Triumph TT600 and Sprint RS 955i having taken up a fair bit of fettling time. The Yamaha YZF600 Thundercat is now MoT ready, I will leave t until the spring before attempting to sell it - the market is dead right now. The fzr600 is running great but I need to find decent forks for it - the ones on there are pitted and beyond saving. The trike is ready for the Spring so I just had a few hours to spend on my own frivolous pursuits.

First job was to fit the rear brake calipers - I refurbished them ages ago but never fitted them to the car - just two bolts hold them in place. Weirdly they are 3/8 unc bolts - I find that odd for a Swedish manufacturer, it's a Volvo 244 axle. I had some that I could cut down to make the right length, a drop of A42 nut lock will help them stay put. while i was at it i had purchased a set of very nice stainless steel wheel nuts so I fitted those at the same time.


Where i had altered the relative height of the engine the gearbox mount was far too low so I had to make a new one - easy job but tricky to get the welder in there with the box in place. It's tacked for now, there are loads of welds that need to be finalised once the engine and box next comes out.

Next job is the radiator - I have one from a mazda 626 and a massive twin fan set up from a ford probe 2.5 v6 which should do a most splendid job of keeping everything cool. Where the rad is higher than wide it will cool better than with it in the normal orientation, although the engine it normally cools is similar in power to the Rover so it's cooling requirements are in the same ball park. Once that is done I will do some painting of the rear axle and framework and sort the handbrake and cables out. While in that area I will also run the fuel pipes, electrical cable and brake pipes.


Ford Prefect v8 hot rod rear suspension
Ford prefect v8 hot rod General xp2000 tyre
ford prefect v8 hot rod gearbox mpunt

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