Dr Joe Ehrlich Motobecane D52 More Body work and tyre fitting

Published on 13 September 2023 at 18:17

A better day today than yesterday, actually got some stuff done for a change. As I had lost a couple of springs out of the gearbox I could not finish that so went back to the wheels. First job was to double check all the spokes were tight - 144 of them in total. I then rechecked them for true, did a tiny bit more adjustment and am now very happy with them.

I had already bought the tyres and inner tubes so I set about fitting them, it all went very smoothly - they are tubed so far easier to fit than tubeless ones, both hold air so that's a good un. Another bit I had got delivered was a new pair of shocks to replace the worn out and seized ones that were fitted to my bike. Looking at the manual Motobecane had 2 sorts of shocks, the ones on there now are very similar to one of the types so that's good. Fitting was extremely simple, they have an eye at top and bottom, the work of a few minutes.

The front wheel was a bit of a faf to fit as the brake drum retaining pin has to go through a slot in the bottom of he tight hand fork. It went in in the end and the nuts are now done up and it's all looking rather splendid. While I was at it I connected up the rear brake and tested it, that's all good.

I have cleaned up and straightened the rear number plate bracket, which on my bike was also a hand painted number plate. I was quite pleased that the part is stamped with the French maker's details, I like to uncover things like that, it's probably been unseen since 1966 when it was registered for the road.

I mounted the seat, more to get it out of the way than anything else, it makes the bike look a lot more complete. All in all a pretty good day, if the springs come by mid day tomorrow I reckon I will have the gear box ready to go back in by the end of the day.

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